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Welcome to Athenry Local History references. I decided to do this because I though it would be easier than having the bibliography and references at the bottom of ALH blog. So if you want me to prove were I got my sources this is the blog you go too.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Athenry and the Titanic by Ronan Killeen

Details coming soon.........

Snippets of Athenry and the Great Famine: Esker Relief 1847 by Ronan Killeen

O'Dowd, Peader, The Great Famine and the West: 1845-1850, (Dublin : Teagasc, 1995?)

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Ó'Grada, Cormac, The Great Famine: Studies in Irish History 1845-1852, (Lilliput press, 1994)

So who is buried in Athenry Dominican Priory? by Ronan Killeen

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List of Free State Army Officers by Ronan Killeen

What Field Monuments are in my townland of Athenry Parish? by Ronan Killeen

Record of Protected Structures  book which you should be able to find in any public library.

Snippets of Athenry and the Great Famine 1845-1850: A News Report from Galway Vindicator 1847

3 January Galway Vindicator 1847